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Mazda 2+1 Berth Premium Solar Campervan campervan hire

Features:   Manual transmission   2005   2.0l 

Modern compact 2005 model, very handy to drive. Sleeps two adults and one child. Features full internal headroom. A solar panel enables you to travel independently from campsite hook-ups.

This vehicle sleeps 2 adults and one child, or instead a third adult up to 70kg of weight. Rates include: a second driver, GST and unlimited km. Also included is full equipment including camping chairs and table. In vehicles without a shower/toilet cabin, a porta potti is included as all our vehicles are fully self contained. Bedding is also included. A full fuel tank will be provided; the client will have to drop the vehicle off with a full tank as well. The same applies to the gas bottle.

Aotea Campervans NZ Ltd information

Welcome to Aotea Campervans in New Zealand! Explore the unknown in a solar campervan or motor home. Experience Aotearoa New Zealand off the beaten track! Aotea Campervans offer quality campervan and motorhome hire at competitive prices for your individual holiday. Whether you wish to travel in a small and very handy vehicle or in a larger deluxe model, all our campervans and motor homes feature solar systems that enable you to travel independently from campsite hook-ups. Enjoy the most beautiful spots at your own leisure. With our individual service, let us make your holiday a great experience.

Depots in Christchurch and Auckland
Unlimited kilometres
No additional charges for additional drivers
Free airport / hotel transfer in Christchurch
Full equipment
Free camping table and chairs
Free touring maps
AA road service and breakdown assistance
Complimentary tour tips on pick-up
We speak English, German and French

All our vehicles are certified self contained in accordance with New Zealand Standard 5465:2001. This enables District Councils to recognise our vehicles as posing minimal risk to the environment. That way our vehicles may be accommodated at reserves and other areas where freedom camping is otherwise prohibited due to a lack of external facilities.

Aotea Campervans NZ Ltd Rental Terms

Please note: rates and conditions might be subject to change without notice.

Payment Terms
An initial non-refundable deposit will be secured at the time of booking confirmation. This must be paid by Visa or Master card only.
A second stage payment of 10% is also required at the time of booking confirmation. This payment will be deducted from your nominated credit card shortly after a booking has been confirmed.
The remaining amount is due 40 days prior to pickup. Your nominated Visa, MasterCard used at the time of booking will typically be used for the second stage payment.

The initial deposit paid is non-refundable. In addition to forfeiting your deposit, the following charges also apply:
If cancelled 31 days or over prior to pick-up: No further fee apart from an NZ$100 administration fee.
If cancelled 30-24 days prior to pick-up: 30% of total reservation cost.
If cancelled 23-14 days prior to pick-up: 75% of total reservation cost.
If cancelled 13-1 days prior to pick-up or no show: 100% of total reservation cost.
Early return of vehicle: No refund for any unused portion of the rental is available.

The total costs include the insurance.

Altering a Booking
Altering a booking does not incur a charge, but it will be at our discretion to accept an alteration. Earlier drop-off than booked, for example, does not lead to a refund. Changes to a booking need to be accepted by Aotea Campervans.
As long as the alteration does not involve another year’s season, we will stick to the rates quoted. However, rates can depend on the duration of a rental and the time of the season. E.g., should a rental shift from 5.10. to 16.12., the rates will be different.

Travel insurance
We strongly recommend that clients ensure they take out the highest level of travel insurance. In many cases, this will cover any losses incurred if you are forced to cancel your booking.

Rental Charges
All Prices are shown in NZ$ and include unlimited kilometres and GST. Fuel is not included in rates. We do not charge additional Diesel Tax Recovery fees!

Our main depot is in Christchurch. Auckland pick-ups and drop-offs can be arranged for very long term rentals but will incur an NZ$ 400 relocation fee.

All rental charges are calculated on a daily basis (not 24 hours basis) irrespective of pick-up time. Payment made by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) will incur a 3% surcharge. Pick-ups and drop-offs are possible between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Earlier pick-up can be arranged on request. Late returns: For late arrivals of more than 60 minutes on pick-up of the vehicle, unless it is due to the late arrival of the client’s plane, NZ$ 20 will be charged per 30 minutes. A similar charge will apply for late drop-offs after 5.00 pm. After 7.00 pm, at least a full daily rental charge is charged.

Insurance, Excess and Bonds, Exclusions
A basic insurance at NZ$ 20 per day is compulsory and covers your vehicle and third party property to NZ$ 10,000,000. The excess is NZ$2000 for drivers of 21 years of age and over. It is NZ$3000 for drivers who have held a driver’s license for less than 12 months. The hirer will be liable up to this amount for any damage caused in any one accident or for interior damage. A respective bond will be taken on pick-up of the vehicle. This bond will be fully refunded provided the vehicle is returned in a reasonably clean condition, with all waste and toilet tanks empty, with a full LPG bottle, without damage or involvement in an accident, without any liability to any third party, with a full petrol tank and all traffic offences paid for, and all other terms of the rental agreement having been complied with. This insurance excludes windscreen and under floor damage; the windscreen can be insured for an additional NZ$7 per day.

Optional: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). An additional NZ$ 15 per day (altogether NZ$ 35) will reduce the excess in case of damage to NZ$ 500. This insurance includes windscreen and under floor damage. A bond of NZ$ 500 will be taken on pick-up.

A bond will be taken on pick-up in the amount of the excess (NZ$ 2000 or 500). We take an imprint of the credit card and a signature and get an authorisation of the bank to make sure it is covered. We do not withdraw the bond from the client’s account and destroy the voucher 30 days after the drop-off in case nothing happens.

Insurances do not cover water submersion, saltwater damage, tyre damages, incorrect use of fuel, replacement of lost keys or costs to retrieve keys locked in the vehicle, damage that is caused by theft, break-ins, conversion, vandalism or fire damage that is directly attributable to the negligence of the hirer or any other passenger in the vehicle, damage or breakage of any window or screen other than windscreens, personal belongings, damages caused by willful conduct or negligence of any person travelling in the vehicle or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, costs to retrieve a bogged vehicle, or any damage caused to the vehicle or any third party property if the vehicle is driven by an unauthorised or underage driver or if the terms of the rental agreement are breached or any damage is caused to the interior of the vehicle. If any damage is evident as a result of any breach of items as shown on the exclusions list then the hirer will be held fully responsible for the total cost of any repairs required regardless of which bond was taken.

Road restrictions
Aotea campervans are not covered by insurance if operated on roads specified as unsuitable for campervans. These include Skippers Road (Queenstown), Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), Ball Hut Road (Mt. Cook) and North of Colville Township (Coromandel).

Airport / Hotel Transfers
Aotea Campervans provide free pick-up and drop-off service to and from Christchurch Airport and within the city boundaries of Christchurch. In Auckland, we are happy to arrange a shuttle transfer to / from our depot to the airport or Auckland City Centre which the client will have to pay for.

Driver's License
All drivers must be 21 years or over. A current domestic (non-provisional), acceptable overseas or international driver’s license has to be produced on the commencement of the hire. The driver’s license has to be legible in English.

Traffic Infringements
All traffic infringements are the responsibility of the hirer.

Road side Assistance / Repairs
In the event of mechanical problems, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance is available throughout New Zealand. You will be given full details of the programme on the pick-up of your vehicle. Repairs need prior approval by Aotea Campervans (unless less than NZ$50) and will be reimbursed provided that all receipts are submitted and the hirer was not directly responsible for the damage. No responsibility will be accepted for accommodation charges, meals or out-of-pocket expenses resulting from a breakdown. Our liability extends only to refund of rental charges for any days of total loss of vehicle usage caused by a mechanical breakdown, provided the hirer notifies Aotea Campervans as soon as possible to give us the opportunity to rectify the problem. We will not be liable for costs, inconvenience or delays resulting from any problem not notified to us during the rental period.

Vehicle Substitution / Design
We reserve the right to substitute a comparable or superior vehicle at no extra cost in some circumstances. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer to any refund. In the unlikely event that the vehicle is not available at the commencement of the rental due to it being repaired from mechanical breakdown or accident or late return from a previous rental, then Aotea Campervans will endeavour to substitute another vehicle of similar or better specifications and quality in its place. If the rental period is reduced or delayed as a result then the hirer will be entitled to a refund of any amounts of money paid for the period of the rental that the vehicle was not provided. Aotea Campervans will not be liable for any other costs, charges or damages (whether consequential or not) as a result of a delay in providing or failure to provide the vehicle.

Layouts of vehicles might vary slightly due to manufacturer modification of designs.

Illustrations and text in any of our publications are a representation only. Refunds will not be paid for voluntary downgrade of the vehicle.

Animals / Smoking
No animals are permitted in our campervans. Smoking is not permitted inside any area of our campervans including the driver’s cab at any time. Any breach of these terms will incur an extra cleaning fee.

We do not allow bikes or surfboards in/on our vans. GPS’ are not available.
Baby seats can be hired for NZ$ 30 per rental for the Mazda A model.
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